Online Courses

The recommended courses that follow are yoga tutorials that are advised for new yogis or people with a developing practice that need guidance. Students of the school are encouraged to seek council of the program directors to get guidance along with these videos. Unlike buying a yoga course anonymously online, you can learn from a master and have the additional benefit of the support of your local yoga school.


Foundation First Course Video | $42.50

This is a great place to start, or re-start. If you are new to Ashtanga or if you have been practicing for a while and are looking to take things to the next level, start at the bottom. David leads you through the most important anatomical and energetic components of Ashtanga in a truly artful way. This course goes along perfectly with our Beginners Intensive Courses, or works great all by itself.


Primary Series Instructional Video | $50

This course is absolutely invaluable and a must have for anyone who is practicing the primary series at home. It is a great addition to the Foundation First Course and provides the full primary series taught by a master in the now rarely known sanskrit counting method.


Traditional Count Primary Series Audio | $12

This is a great value and indispensable companion for someone who is practicing the primary series at home. The audio will take you through the primary, and there is a short pranayama sequence at the end. This series could be practiced daily for years.